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Hi my name is Matt, and I have been addicted to pizza for as long as I can remember.

I grew up in Barrington NJ, which is in Camden County.  That area seems to be a mecca for great food, especially pizza and pastries (probably the good water).  I now reside in the Adirondacks, the sticks.  Good pizza is hard to find and to bring back "good" pizza for the family is tough, because it has to be reheated, due to travel time.  I am always on the search for pizza I grew up with, but have been unsuccessful. Note: because of this, my standards for good pizza have dropped significantly. 

A few weeks ago I made my own pizza.  The family loved it and said it was the best they had (my dad said he still likes pizza hut better hah).  It was better than the pizza around here, but it wasn't, what I think, the ideal pizza should be.  So I figured I would join this forum to explore the realm and art of pizza making, so that one day, that elusive pizza I desire, crave can be available when I need my fix.