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Hello From Gimli MB Canada
« on: January 13, 2013, 08:25:03 PM »
Hello all,
Well I have been browsing this forum for a couple years, and finally my pizza making has gone to the obsession level, so though I would register.

I have been trying to perfect my pizza for the past few years. Started with the old "proof yeast" rise...punch down ect ect.
Tried so many variations wheat,beer, cornmeal, many flours, yeasts, cold ferment,  warm ferment additives, ovens ect ect.
I am more geared to perfecting a Napoletana style now.
Where I am at now........I have made a makeshift brick oven in my grill with fire bricks and stones, and cooking 5-6 min at 550-600. Using a Ischia culture and fresh yeast. Still experimenting with different flours...Caputo, KASL and Vienna strong bakers.
Go back and forth using a  poolish and without. Use autolyse method and cold ferment 3 -5 days
I get great crumb, coloring  bubbles ect. The only thing missing is flavor.
I get a counter pizza oven this week that goes to 750  degree. I hope my new oven and high heat will solve my flavour problem. If not I may have to give up.
Why do I do this...don't know. Family loves the pizza ( making it about 3 times a week...always tweeking recipe)

May go to our local farmers market where they have a brick oven and sell a few if i can get it right!

I would also would like to get to New York to try all the places I have read over and over about..Patsys, DI fara, Una , Johnnys ect.

Glad I found this board. Friends and family don't understand my obsession and neither do I. There is just so much to know with pizza making, how the yeast work, hydration levels, flours, heat, mixing methods, fermention  ect ect.
I am so so close...I cant stop now!

Thanks to all on this bored..Jeff V, pftaylor, peet-zaa,arthur,pizzanapoletana and many more!!
How did I get a pizza Obsession??