Author Topic: New, and hoping to perfect my pizza making from dough to completion  (Read 267 times)

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One of the items I really want to learn to do, and do well, is pizza making. From dough to final product. I have a kitchen aid mixer, and also a Zo bread maker which says you can make pizza dough. I am open to the best ways to make dough, the best recipes for dough, and the best baking methods. I own two new pizza stones which I have never used. Would also love to perfect making pizzas on my gas grill. I also want to learn whether it is necessary to buy special flour, or if unbleached flour is fine- I also want to know if it is necessary to buy the more expensive flours like King Arthur. Thank you, and hope to learn lots!

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Re: New, and hoping to perfect my pizza making from dough to completion
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Rosehill, Welcome to all things pizza. There is a wealth of info on these boards. I might suggest reading a description of the styles of pizza, followed by the threads in general pizza making, and on to questions of dough from the dough doctor.
Ask some specific questions in the appropriate forum by style you wish to make or general pizza making or specific dough questions.
Reading many recipes and making notes on % of ingredients should get you on your way. Oh and actually baking some pies.

King Arthur makes a good product in various forms and is generally avail in most supermarkets in med to large cities. It is not the only flour that works for pizza but is consistant.

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