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Re: Little Black Egg
« Reply #2140 on: May 09, 2014, 06:33:00 PM »
Wow! I finally finished all 107 pages of this thread, and it has been a great read. I'm amazed it is still alive after over 7 years, and new info coming to light all the time. I've learned a lot from all the pioneers of the LBE and their innovations, and thank all the contributors of this thread.

I originally started reading this thread to get ideas to improve my pizza cooking on my Kamado grill, and I have found many. I like cooking on the kamado and can regulate the heat fairly well, obtaining and maintaining temps of 700 to 800 degrees F using lump charcoal. My problem with the kamado is the same one as people using the LBE: getting the top to properly char without the bottom of the pie getting burnt. I think I will be using the dome mods I have learned here on my future cooks. Until I read this I never thought of the impact the dough formulation can have on whether the pie bottom burns before the top is done. Tomorrow I will start a sourdough starter, thanks for the info and links.

I've been making pizzas in the house oven using a 2 stone method for about 20 years and I'm still searching for the flavors and textures I remember from the WFO pizzas I had in my youth in Lebanon, Italy and Germany way back in the '60's. I've found that most of the secret is in the fresh buffalo cheese and the WFO. Wish I could get good cheese here at a reasonable price. The other piece of the puzzle is the dough. Much experimenting to do.

I may be building a LBE soon with all I've learned here an will share my results. Thanks again to everybody for this thread.

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Re: Little Black Egg
« Reply #2141 on: June 04, 2014, 06:59:04 PM »
Seems like it has been awhile since anyone posted.   Built my own LBE followed along the lines of Boatman.  Thanks to all that contributed to his build.  I have learned from all of them.  Fired it up for the first time at a campground for an wake surfing event I attended.  Pizzas were incredible.  Shared 10 pizzas with 30 people.  Response was excellent. 
My issue seems to be different than most in that the top cooked faster than the bottom.  Cooking at stone temp of 600 + 4- 5 min bake.  Had to turn the burner down at the end to cook the bottom more.  Any ideas why?