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Pizza Maestro
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I have been working in Hospitality as a professional for 16 years. My training was undertaken in Italy and my passion has been to study, understand and represent The Italian Food Culture in Australia.

After training as a Chef de Cuisine I developed a passion for the Neapolitan pizza and was fortunate enough to trained with a third generation Neapolitan Artisan Pizzaiolo. I later travelled to Rome to study the Pizza a Taglio.

As an Award Winning Restaurateur I thrived to develop a business model and product that could perform without me having to be there, something that Restaurateurs will tell you is easier said than done! During this time I was approached by a franchise looking to better their product and whilst franchise weren't my interest it left me with a question,

Why is the Pizza produced by Pizza Franchises not up to benchmark? Why are these Pizza's making your stomach feel like it is having a starch war? I concluded that it doesn't cost anymore or take longer to produce an outstanding pizza, it is science.

New franchises popped up claiming to produce a thin and light pizza but frankly they have just compressed the base to be furthermore difficult to die-gest. No-one has ticked all the boxes yet and rightfully so it is a considerable task to solve.

Using my Culinary and Food Science studies I have worked to develop a system to excel in the production of benchmark pizza for the global pizza franchise market that can hold its own beside any Artisan produced pizza.

We seek to join forces with a franchise looking to excel and dominate the Global Fast Food Pizza Market.