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new member
« on: January 27, 2013, 10:58:33 PM »
Hi All,

I just found this site through Slice on Serious Eats.  I'm definitely serious about my eats and, as my kids will tell you, I'm determined to make home pizza the new eat I'm serious about.  I've made some pizzas at home in the past, mostly using recipes from Cooks Illustrated for dough and sauce and using a pizza stone in the oven.  I've even used Trader Joe's dough to simplify things at times.  I received a pizza steel for Christmas and as soon as our kitchen renovation is done (about another 8 weeks), I plan to become begin learning and practicing pizza-making as much as I can.

I live in Norfolk now, but grew up in Baltimore.  I lived in Philadelphia for a few years where I had some great pizzas.  I wish that I still had easy access to the shops in the Italian Market.  I love to cook all things, but my current specialties are ice cream and artisanal sodas.  Here in Norfolk, we get too much delivery pizza.  The pizza is pretty good, I'm sure, before it gets to us.  Sometimes, it's still OK.  We've been surprised when we've eaten it at the restaurant by how much better it is there.  My favorite places nearby for pizza are Felini's and The Pizza Box.  Best delivery was Delvechio's, but we like Mama Jo's more now.

I'm eager to check out this forum and learn from all of you.


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Re: new member
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Welcome Pierre, glad you made it.  Post any specific questions you might have out in the appropriate forum.  Not many people read welcome posts. When in doubt, use the search function and read.  If that doesn't help, search and read more, then ask questions.
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Re: new member
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