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Jon in Albany
« on: February 06, 2013, 07:13:36 PM »
Greetings! My name is Jon and I live outside Albany, New York. We have a few decent pizza places up here but nothing that I would put on the same playing field as the pizza I ate growing up in Connecticut. For several glorious years my brother lived in an apartment on Wooster Street in New Haven, conveniently located between Pepe's and Sally's. Closer to home we had another brick oven pizzeria (since changed hands and is not nearly as good as it once was).

With the hopes of taking matters into my own hands, I started saving for my own WFO. Direct deposit took all the joy out of getting paid. Now, I smile every time I see my pay stub because there is an automatic deposit into the BOF (Brick Oven Fund). I still haven't decided if I should buy an oven or build it myself. I'm leaning towards building it myself for the total experience but sometimes I think a manufactured oven will get up to temperature faster. At least there is still time to decide since there isn't enough money in the BOF to do much. Until I get that WFO, I've started making pizza in the kitchen. I've got a steel and a stone and I've been trying out different doughs. So far so good.

There is so much good information online it can get kind of overwhelming. I look forward to sifting through and learning from the existing Pizza Making threads as well as the new stuff that probably comes through fairly regularly too. I already saw a dough recipe I want to try...