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Wood Stack Pizza Kitchen - Pinebrook, NJ
« on: November 11, 2015, 02:07:46 PM »
I dragged my mom out to lunch with me this afternoon.  As we walked in, we were immediately greeted by a gracious host that seated us at the table right in front of their gas fireplace.  I wanted to sit at the tables near the 2 Stefano Ferraro ovens but I couldn't because it would've been too difficult for my mom to get up on the stools.

After we were seated, a friendly server came and asked if we had any questions about their menu. He gave us some drinks and we looked over the menu.  Both my mom and I ordered the Jersey Garden Pizza which was topped with caramelized eggplant, Fiore di latte, basil, tomato sauce and ricotta salata.

The toppings - A+
The toppings tasted very fresh, full of bold flavor and appeared to be high quality ingredients. 

The dough/crust - B
Per their website, the dough is made daily and fermented for 48 hours.  Their cornicione wasn't as puffy as another Neapolitan place I've been to locally and it had a little bit more char than I care for, but I ate through the pain.  LOL! Overall it was pretty good.  I ate the whole 12" pizza  ;D  :-X

There were other items on the menu, but I just wanted pizza.

Besides the pizza, the highlight of my experience came at the end when I went to go check out the SF ovens.  The pizzaiolo there saw me gazing at the fire and invited me back to take a closer look.  We chatted about ovens and pizza for a few minutes.  I was in awe at how huge these ovens are.  It was so cool!  Thanks, Joe for letting me take a peek at the ovens!  I'll be back.

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Re: Wood Stack Pizza Kitchen - Pinebrook, NJ
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2015, 07:14:52 PM »
Cool that you got there since we were just talking about that place...sounds like overall high marks...though that is a lot of char on the bottom  even for certainly not overly charred and pic looks great.

Fun that Joe took you back!     I grew up  like 5 minutes from that place...back when it was a diner  Margie's Keyhole Diner..of course, that's going back to when this Jersey Pie Boy was an actual boy...and that's some serious back-going.  ;)