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Re: Tommy's Coal Fired (with Gas assist) Pizza
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Got it, thanks. I appreciate the clarification.

FWIW, I consider a true 'convection' oven to have a fan that runs separately from the heat source.  That way, you can control air circulation without adding more heat.  I'd kind of like to, at some point, see someone build a coal fired oven with a separate fan. It sounds, though, that these earthstones have strong enough fans blowing through the coal that they provide the equivalent convective force as a separate fan would and thus create a very uniform bake.  I still can't help to wonder if a separate fan wouldn't aid in the elusive dry, uniformly heated 650 degree quality-controlled-Pepe quest.

TBH, I trust your opinion implicitly, but right now, I'm coocoo for dry uniform 650, not dry uniform 700. One of Roberto's students just opened a coal/Neapolitan earthstone/Ferrara place in my town (Millies), so I'll be trying that, at some point.  I fear that it will most likely suffer from Anthony syndrome, but it will let me see an earthstone up close, and with Roberto's tutelage, I'm sure the NP pies will be good (if not heinously overpriced at $18 for a margherita).