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New to forum, Hello from Australia!
« on: February 17, 2013, 11:11:48 PM »
I love Pizza, have been working on making my own for about 6 months after doing a cooking class with an Italian pizza chef near Florence.  Both Naples and Sicilian (if i have this right) thin and thick styles are great, horses for courses.  I'm trying to master both with the equipment i have.

I found this forum as i was looking for tips and tricks people use at home to get the best results with their pizza making.

At present for nice round simple Naples style i'm using a stone in the oven, the oven only goes to 300d celcius, which is a little low to get the really good crust i'm looking for, and also the dough doesn't cook as well as i'd like underneath before the top starts to get some charring.

I'm thinking maybe i heat the oven to max (300), and then instead of heating the pizza stone in the oven, put it on the open gas flame of the cook top and try to get it to about 400.  Then slide the pizza on, and put it straight into the oven, the extra heat in the stone at the start might help it crisp better underneath?

Anyway, hi to all, happy to be here.