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Napoletana Dough
« on: February 22, 2013, 07:20:38 PM »
Hello All,
I live in North Carolina and own a few quick serve pizzerias.  We make all of our food fresh, and it's from operating pizzerias that my love for making great pizza dough turned into an obsession and an addiction.  About one year ago I purchased a Forno Bravo WFO for my backyard so I could practice making Napoletana Pizzas.  I will be traveling to Naples this summer to learn more (I've never been), and I'm currently working on perfecting my dough.  I read the forums from time to time, but have not jumped in to ask or give advice.  I've made some great doughs and some poor ones as well, I love trying new techniques.  I'm currently working with Sourdough starters and have yet to turn out a great pie, so I'm here to brush up on technique