Author Topic: Peanut oil in pizza - risky maybe  (Read 2689 times)

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Peanut oil in pizza - risky maybe
« on: January 08, 2006, 11:57:05 PM »
Last week I made a pizza with a little peanut oil. It came out fine. Recently I noticed that the peanut allergy site has people checking to see if peanut oil is used in Sbarro and other chains.

I have no reaction to peanut, but it is common. My grandson has a pineapple allergy that I usually watch out for.

From the clinical trials literature comes this:

Studies show that most allergic children can safely eat foods containing peanut oil, unless it is cold pressed, expressed, expelled peanut oil.   So it probably won't hurt them.  Peanut allergy people seem divided.

So with the principle, better safe than sorry, if I ever make and share another pizza with peanut oil, I will notify everyone.

For those with California Pizza Kitchen aspirations, walnut oil can be allergic as well as shellfish combinations.

For what it is worth.

BTW, Sbarro uses soybean, olive oil blend, and canola -no peanut oil in the pizza.