Author Topic: Yes, I DO bake pies. All Trumps 1st  (Read 2082 times)

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Re: Yes, I DO bake pies. All Trumps 1st
« Reply #20 on: March 27, 2013, 11:05:53 PM »
He did and he also had Calandra's bread flown in everyday.  My grandparents house was next to the bakery and as I kid I would look forward to our every Sunday afternoon visits.  My grandfather would have his home brewed choke cherry brandy/red wine, meats, grandma's homemade pastas, cheeses, and pasteries.  I would get my fill of their food and then wander over to the bakery and watch the bread being made.  those old timer bakers in their white shirts and pants would give me a hunk of warm bread.  Their Semolina was my favorite.  walter
Nice Walter.....very niiice!

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Re: Yes, I DO bake pies. All Trumps 1st
« Reply #21 on: March 28, 2013, 07:55:48 AM »
I try not to speak in any authoritative way about things that I have had little or no personal experience with, apart from giving attribution as might be appropriate or pointing people in certain directions where they might find answers to their questions. This includes bromated flour. However, apart from the effects of bromated flour on mixing and other perceived benefits that our members have spoken about from time to time, one aspect that is not often noted or spoken about is that a bromated flour supposedly strengthens a dough and prevents it from falling too much when handled between proofing and baking, yielding a higher volume crumb as a result. This is rarely a need for a NY style dough but one place where that effect can be quite useful is for a Sicilian style dough. It was that effect that prompted me to probe Buddy's on whether the flour that it used for its Detroit-style pizza was bromated. The answer was yes.

I will be interested in Walter's results if he is able to do a side-by-side test using the bromated All Trumps versus the unbromated All Trumps for his NY style. The part that would most interest me is if he notes taste and textural differences that, for him, convince him of the superiority of one flour over the other.


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Re: Yes, I DO bake pies. All Trumps 1st
« Reply #22 on: March 28, 2013, 11:44:33 PM »
Peter, I respect your contributions to this forum. As I used the bromated flour I had no regard for pizza type. I do understand that certain flours are used for certain pizza styles. I recently saw a reference to a pizza style called  " American Hand Tossed Pizza". I think that I may fit that style, although I have not seen a definition.

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