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New Member from NY
« on: April 03, 2013, 03:47:08 PM »
Hi, folks.  Matthew from New York here.  After a two month foray into the world of pizza making I figure it's about time I introduce myself to the community here after availing myself of a small portion of the knowledge and experience of many great members of the this forum. 

The primary pizza styles I'm concerned with are: NY, Italian (artisanal), and maybe Neapolitan (e.g. Sorbillo - not NY neapolitan).  I live in NY and my work brings me to the Tuscany region of Italy fairly frequently so I'm mostly familiar with artisanal pizza and, of course, NY style but true Neapolitan is definitely on my radar as well.

So far I've had a somewhat uneven entrance into the world of pizza making probably not unlike most others here. 

I'm a hand mixer (for now, anyways..that might change soon) with a standard electric oven.  I use various alignments of terra cotta quarry tiles and 1/4 inch baking steel varying by pizza type.  The bulk of my efforts thus far have been focused on developing a good hand-kneading technique, gaining familiarity with the essential dough properties, and utilizing a 900 + degree oven (Varasano's self-cleaning cycle technique) to achieve optimal cook times (neapolitan/artisanal pizza).  I have also been learning to maintain and incorporate a sourdough starter. 

It is my hope to "master" each of these areas soon so as to in a position to start altering recipes, changing ingredients, and many other aspects of the process.

As of now I don't have any specific questions but I look forward to picking the brains those whose experience and knowledge of this subject vastly outstrips mine and who have traveled the same road I am on.  Thank you all in advance for providing this forum.