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Re: My first NY style
« Reply #120 on: July 29, 2013, 04:19:47 PM »
Mario's pies seem the same. I think the original owner died a while back, but I think they still make pies the same as in the old location. NY style at 49th and Harvard has got some high marks for their pies, not so much on customer service. Maybe I'll get one to go, just to see. I don't eat a lot of local pizza, I have learned enough here over the years that I can usually make a better pie than what we can buy locally. I have tried on my cracker crust to get close
 to the Pizza Hut from the 60's. Not there yet, but they do turn out pretty close.

 My next pie attempt is a Chi style thin crust. I may try your recipe after that. I'll have to buy some deep dish pans though. Restaurant Equipment & Supply on 9070 E. 31st St has a selection of pizza making equipment. Their prices are very reasonable.

The Bakers And Chefs flour Sam's has, is 10% protein. It would be a good flour for thick crust pizzas and breads, which is what it says on the package. They used to carry the hugh gluten flour up until about 2 month ago, and I have read that they have stopped stocking it now. I wanted to try it for my NY style, but I am too late. Bummer!
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