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Re: Its poured!
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Thanks for the info.  I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out the proper stove adapter (your pipe boot) to transition from 8" stove pipe to double wall duravent. Do you remember what this part was and where you got it?

Only thing I had to use was two 6" triple wall pipes and a cap. The pipe boot (from pipebootexpress) was to seal the pipe through the corrugated steel roof. I didn't have any transitions from 6 to 8" pipe. Other than cutting out a small notch in the front of the pipe with tin snips to account for the vent handle it was pretty straightforward.

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Re: Its poured!
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That oven is looking really good. Great job putting it together.

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Re: Its poured!
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I only know of one z-man!  are you that z-man?  That would be too crazy.  please repond.