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Re: Caputo with Naturkraft
« Reply #20 on: November 30, 2013, 10:21:22 PM »
After using it for a couple of times, I don't really understand the benefit of this product.  There is no significant contribution that I noticed and it definitely did not make things easier for me at all.  In fact, if one is not careful with the amount (I only used 5% of flour as recommended), the dough becomes too wet/soft and very difficult to handle even with a 60-61% hydration Caputo dough.  I would think that the l-cysteine is the culprit for this effect but it certainly did not help me produce a superior product.


I bought a bag of the Caputo Criscito today. (Impulse buy). Above comments notwithstanding, did you take add the 50g of your "criscito" to the "total flour weight" when calculating how much water to add or not? Even though it's a relatively small quantity (50g/1000g flour), the answer does affect the hydration by up to 3% or so. 


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