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Pizza in a Pan (Pizza in Teglia)
« on: December 23, 2014, 10:32:36 AM »
So I am looking to make a pizza similar to what Bonci & a few select other Roman pizzerias are making. The texture is unique, crisp on the outside & soft inside. Johnny has made some remarkable pizzas of this type already. Here is my contribution:

Flour used is 00 Farina from Italy, Casillo brand with Pizza mentioned on the bag with W of 265.

Flour 1333gm
Water 1067gm (80%) - It should be chilled
Instant Dry Yeast - 3gm
Salt - 27gm

For this dough typically a multi speed spiral mixer is used. Home planetary mixers with multispeed can also be used. For smaller quantities it is quite easy to make by hand. Gabriel Bonci's videos showing the stretch & fold techniques explains this. This technique is used to make the dough stronger & also less sticky.

We first mixed the flour & yeast. Added in about 60% water and stirred it. Add water in parts & stir to incorporate. Add the salt and mix. All in a bowl using a spoon. In under 5 mins this process will be completed. It will be a wet shaggy mass which is what it should be. Cover it and let it relax for 15 mins. After this flour the surface & empty the almost batter like mass on the counter. Dust some flour on top. Using a plastic dough scraper and your hand do a few stretch & fold. Put it back in the bowl. Relax for 15 mins. Repeat process three more times. It will be very sticky the first couple times but you will notice it looking more & more like a regular dough at the end.

Try to make sure the temperature of the final dough does not exceed 24C. Refrigerate for 24 hours. Note: - If you have a stronger flour with W>300 you can change formulation slightly and do a 48 hour ferment as well.

Remove & shape into balls. For this the best reference videos are of Pino Arletto. Typically half the pan area is used as dough weight. A 30cm x 20cm pan = 600cm2 would require a dough ball of 300gms. It took about 4 hours after forming into balls at 26C before they were ready for use.

In Italy they use blue iron pans for this style of pizza but I don't have those so baked in a andonized metal tray. Maybe this isn't the right one but its what I had.

Also worth noting is that bottom head should be > than top heat. Since these are longer bakes & pans are being used we want dough to puff up + become crispy from bottom but also not burn from the top. Oven temperature was 300C.

Initially baked only with oil for a few mins & then with sauce. Cheese was added only for last couple mins. One problem I faced was as the pizza started to bake the dough shrunk in from the sides. This should not happen. Any advice why? My temperature was fine, yeast levels are ok, dough stretched easily. Could it be the pan? I had lightly oiled it.

Here is the result. The second pic is same formulation but another batch where I had mixed up the top & bottom power settings. Also it is slightly more dough weight.


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Re: Pizza in a Pan (Pizza in Teglia)
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2014, 02:41:30 PM »
Some more pics from today's bake.

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Re: Pizza in a Pan (Pizza in Teglia)
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2015, 11:56:23 PM »
looks good :drool: