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Hello from Holland!
« on: April 28, 2013, 09:19:08 AM »
Hello from Holland!
I'd like to learn how to make great tasting pizzas.
Very soon I buy a Komo Fidibus XL grain mill for milling my own flour.
I like to experiment with sprouted grains.
After sprouting I dry it in a food dehydrator and mill it with the Komo.
For my Pizza oven I like to buy a G3 Ferrari.
In the near future my plan is to build a Brick oven or an  Earth oven.
I like to buy first Kiko Denzer's book "Build Your Own Earth Oven" to
get more info first about Earth Ovens.
I have oven plans for a Brick Oven. (Pompeii Oven)
Till now I have only read many books and webpages about Pizza making.
Very soon I finaly have some money to buy the necessary things to start this great hobby and passion! :D