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Re: Costco Pizza Sauce
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Forgot to mention that Costco also sells pizza boxes at very reasonable prices and at several sizes. B-Flute

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Re: Costco Pizza Sauce
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There's a local mini mart chain that sells pizza.  I think you can get a pie for about $4 at certain times of day.   Most of their products are decent.  They make great ice cream and their milk is from local farms and pretty damn good.  I'm tempted to try a pie out of a perverted curiousity, but I'm afraid even my 8 year old won't eat it and I don't have dogs anymore.

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Re: Costco Pizza Sauce
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This Pizza Sauce is what they use in the food court at every Costco. It is only sold to Costco members at the Costco Business Centers. However, the same sauce used by the Costco Food Courts is not the concentrated version. (less work for the employees and exact each time)  The Costco Business Centers used to sell both types of the sauce, but now just the concentrated sauce which requires water added. The boxes contain these plastic pouches filled with sauce.
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Re: Costco Pizza Sauce
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I'm not exactly sure what you are saying. Neutral ground? Co-exist peacefully? Just because I have an inflexible belief that NP is the one and only true pizza, why do you assume I judge the other styles.  ;D  In all seriousness, my comments here are not about a particular style. I simply don't understand why anyone would go to the trouble of learning and making a good dough and then buy a pizza sauce? Why not buy the dough too then, and if that is the case, why come here?

I may have no use for certain styles personally, but I am happy to co-exist with those who do, the occasional playful jab notwithstanding. Where I have no intention of co-existing is in the no man's land between settling for mediocrity and striving for perfection.