Author Topic: I am being offered Caputo flour 00 55pounds at $36.59 delivered is it worth it?  (Read 174 times)

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I am being offered Caputo flour 00 55pounds  at $36.59 delivered is it worth it?
The Restaurant depot brand $29.17.
Is true that Caputo makes more dough?

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It's true. Caputo is the magic flour. Not only does it make more dough, pizza made with Caputo is always perfect.

Now, back to reality. There are several types of Caputo 00 - I'm guessing you mean pizzeria (blue bag)?

What sort of pizza are you making and what temperature are you baking at?
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That's a good price for Caputo. 

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Where is this from? I want to order at that price too. :-)

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seems like a very good price especially delivered. Just paid $37 cash-and-carry at E&S Foods in NJ for the blue bag.