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Miller Milling
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Last year ConAgra sold 4 of its mills - 2 in CA, one in TX, and one in MN - to a Japanese firm, Nisshin, which uses the brand name Miller Milling in the US.  One of the CA mills was in Fresno, the other in Oakland.

Costco in my area now carries 25 lb bags of flour from Miller Milling.  I found this out looking around at Costco a few weeks ago.  Today I picked up a bag of the AP.  I'm not out of my last batch of ConAgra bread flour yet, plus I have 25 lbs of KAF AP and 5 of KAF bread flour.  But I am down to the dregs of my last bag of ConAgra AP flour.

Costco here doesn't carry the high gluten.  I think what they do carry is equivalent to the Bay Area Patent flour though it is not labeled that way - I think its labeled bread flour with the word "patent" on there somewhere.  I should have snapped a picture I guess.  The AP flour is labeled Miller Milling Hotel & Restaurant AP flour.

Does anybody have any experience with these flours since the mills were sold?  Are you seeing this brand in your local Sam's or Costco?  The AP flour I got is coming out of the MN mill, though I am closest to the CA mills - perhaps they don't mill AP flour there.

Oddly, the flour is packaged in big plastic bags, sort of like bagged mulch.  I suppose there must be advantages for storing and shipping vs paper bags, but these bags are a lot harder to handle IMO.  And they just don't LOOK right, LOL!