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Re: Those of you who own pizzerias...
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@Jeffereynelson - As La Sera alludes to, don't forget about the rest of your costs that have to be accounted for... equipment, hiring workers, rent, liability, pest control, advertising (though you could in theory just use social media nowadays), benefits for workers, professional memberships, etc.  It's not just ingredient costs that you have to pay out... which leads to the up charge. 

Also, you'll have to remember you can't divide the cost of flour strictly by the weight for how many doughballs you can get... after all, some flour will be used for coating your hands, or coating the dough balls when you prepare to stretch, etc.  Unless you plan to micromanage to that degree and count how much flour you use on the bench for prepping the dough (which would be maddening, even to me), you'll have to account for some fudge factor.

Oh I definitely understand the rest of those expenses, I am just merely curious about some of those high individual costs. I know you can't count only the flour from the dough balls, you obviously account for waste and bench flour etc, it just seemed high. That is saying there is over 50 grams of flour per ball not contained in the recipe amount.