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Re: best NY pizza
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What do you mean "not possible?" I've seen the older ovens crank out pies faster than the new ones in front of my own eyes. Before Dom's oven was frankensteined it was still just as hot. They've been modified to bake cooler over the years; not hotter (barring high tech electric ovens.)

I don't know where you got that "consensus." Maybe that "consensus" was from individuals observing newer, cooler ovens in different states but there are members Of this forum that own old blodgets from that era and will attest to the fact they get hot enough to bake quickly. The old decks that still exist in some working order WILL get that hot. It's not a matter of maybe; they routinely do. You won't find many left.... Just newer bakers prides. That may be what you observed.

The bake time of a classic NY slice has been debated ad nauseam here.  The consensus was that the short bake time that you describe was not possible with the deck ovens of that era is not part of the authentic style.  8-10 minutes is the norn.

I love my 3:30 pizza, but that puts it in the Northridge Yuppie pizza category (NY pizza; patent pending).

Adam Kuban is a great guy.  He borrowed something from my bag, so to speak, in the making of his most recent pizza and he was nice enough to acknowledge it.   

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Re: best NY pizza
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Love l&b and dafaras. Ceste on bleaker. Johns of bleaker

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Re: best NY pizza
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Northridge Yuppie pizza category (NY pizza