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Re: Making the most of your home oven
« Reply #25 on: November 03, 2015, 10:03:29 PM »
Here's a link to my most recent attempt at Nearlypolitans in my home oven.  Moved my steel plates closer to the broiler and preheated the oven at 550 convection for 2 hours.  For the last 15 minutes, I set the oven to max broil and the IR gun read 647.

Most times I preheat the oven at 550 convection for an hour and the IR gun reads 607.  Bam!  NY pies in 4 minutes.  Love my steel plates and they're the only mod of my home oven.  It cost me about $65 and worth every dollar!
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Re: Making the most of your home oven
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Hi Jackie! I wondering about the pictures of your pizza and it is really good! Unfortunately my english is not so good and can you explain for me something? What do you mean about to turn on broiler? Is it a special option in oven?

And can you give a recipe of your dought please?  :)

Thank you and yes the ovens here have a broil option. Once activated, only the top element puts out intense heat used for broiling or searing.   My recipes are like any typical recipe you find on this forum.  Any recipe will work.  If you need help with any part of dough making or pizza making, feel free to PM me and I will try to help as best as I can.  Good luck. 


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Re: Making the most of your home oven
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This formula makes about 2000 grams of dough.  I make 10 dough balls at roughly 200 grams each.
I like thin pizza with a fluffy cornicion to be cooked on my 12 inch round cordierite in 550 degree oven. Theres also a thinner square shaped stone of unknown origin in my oven. So I cooked this one on the square stone center of oven, with the round stone on the above shelf.
 It's a dough of Fazzari's that I copied and tweaked.
  It's got Mmmph's Cape Fear starter. I like to use up starter at feeding time rather than toss it out.
 We make smaller pizzas because my home oven is small and my mini black egg is also small. 
  Normally I can stretch this to 10 or 11" and leave the edge intact.
 I used this dough 2 days ago on my brother's green egg grill, at about 600 degrees for 6 to 7 minutes.

 This particular pizza is a 250 gram dough ball (long story)
...but i baked it in my home oven at 550 for 8 mins.  It is crackling crisp and tender, and I definitely overload. the. toppings every.single.time! 

It's a versatile dough, and it has been in my fridge for 5 days. Actually, this batch was frozen immediately after the first balljng,  thawed yesterday for 5 hours at room temp, plans to bake fell thru so It' d been in the fridge 10 hours after that, then reached room temp 2 hours before stretching today.  Can anybody follow this? The dough is very forgiving!

Here's the workflow:

245 total grams preferment (all purpose flour)
1070 grams bread flour
615 grams water
24 grams each of sugar, oil, salt
2g ADY

Process :
preferment : 145g cold not quite ready starter (Cape Fear) added to Kitchenaid mixer bowl with 50g AP flour 50g tap water = 245g total preferment. Covered and left until bubbly approx 8 hours in my cold kitchen.

Using dough hook incorporate remaining ingredients and stir on low approximately 1 minute, until dough pulls away from bowl... Rest 5 mins.

 Wet hands (adds hydration with each stretch/fold) stretched in bowl fully 5 times at 30 mins intervals, cover in fridge the morning I turned out and fold the cold dough one last time, just to check smoothness (been awhile since I've made dough). then scale at 200 g per ball placed 8 balls directly to freezer, remaining 2 in fridge was going to cook them later that day but waited approximately 55 hours before i tried them out on my brother's green egg..

  I have also used a variant of this dough in the mini black egg at lower temp to great success, but I was first attracted to it because it worked so well in my home oven right from the start.
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