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Re: Blackstone Oven Runs
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@JConk - Lookin' good!  No mods at all eh? 

They still look fabulous Derrick. I've been cooking mine around 680-690. I don't know how high mine can go, since I never tried going past 700. I don't like a ton of char.

@Zwarbles - You're not curious about pushing the temps?  Not a pyro eh?  ;)  For me, the temp push isn't about char.. it's about getting the contrast between a crisp outside vs. the soft pillowy inside.  Higher temperatures tend to achieve a starker contrast from what I've noticed.  And of course, some leoparding/color is key as well.  =)

Pizza is a personal thing... I don't think there's a perfect "correct" formula, but I definitely prefer a higher temp on mine.