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Re: Dewey's pizza sauce
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UPDATE:  I just took their pizza class over the weekend and cornered the poor kitchen manager for awhile.  :)

For the sauce, as mentioned before, is a pizzaiolo base.  It contains pepper, garlic salt, basil, oregano and red pepper.  He said that they mix it up in 50 lb batches and then use a stick blender to get it smooth.

He also confirmed the Wisconsin cheese and the 2 day cold rise period that we've heard of elsewhere. 

They cook their pizzas at 550F for 5 minutes.  1 minute directly on the stone, 2 minutes on a screen and then rotate and finish off for another 2 minutes.

Also of note.  They brush their crust with a roasted garlic oil.  They prep the garlic and roast it in the morning.  The majority of it goes to the line for toppings but they hold back some to use to infuse their olive oil.  They have it set up in a double plastic bin that is much like a pasta pot.  The outer bin is filled with the olive oil and the inner, perforated bin is filled with the garlic.  This is where the nutty flavor in the crust comes from that I wont shut up about.

If you haven't done this before, it is an absolute blast and great for a date or family outing.