Author Topic: Possible to convert old outdoor brick bbq fireplace for pizza baking use?  (Read 1297 times)

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Hi everyone, new to the board and, for the most part, pizza baking.
I have used pizza stones in home ovens and on a propane grill in the past but I'm ready to try something new.

I just rented a neat old house that has a screened in porch off the back of the house. The porch has a built in brick fireplace/grill.
I cleaned it up and attempted to make somewhat of a pizza oven using a pizza stone and some firebricks at the top of the grill to reflect heat downward as seen in these pics. The fire was in the lower chamber and the stone in the upper chamber, starting in the front but moving to the back when I noticed how much hotter the bricks were in the rear. Unfortunately I don't yet have a peel long enough to reach the very back.

My temps only approached 400-450 degrees and the pizzas took a while (10+ mins) and were never quite right. Of course this was due to the lack of heat above the pies.

I am familiar with the basic design needs of a brick oven pizza and I understand that most of my heat was just being vented out of the chimney at the rear. However, I'd like to at least get this serviceable if possible. Any recommendations regarding setup for optimal pie baking in this setup? Should i make the fire toward the rear of the lower box? leave the stone in the back of the rear? Keep the flue closed and let the air /smoke vent through the top chamber toward the front? Give up on this idea all together and just use it for smoking pork butts and briskets?

Not sure why the pics are rotated. I apologize, but they are all correctly rotated on my comp.
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