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My Friday night bake
« on: June 15, 2013, 02:58:44 PM »
Hope this is the right area to post this. I just wanted to recap my bake last night and see if anybody has any comments. It was my 15th time I fired up the alfa forno I got from Costco. I like it and am getting used to using it. I usually make at least 6 dough balls as that what I get out of a 2.2 lb bag of 00. I have done several bakes of 12 but last night was 9. I really like the pizza party aspect of a WFO and have only done a couple solo bakes. I can see how i think the neoplotin pizza association reqires 300 bakes to be reguarded a pizzaiolo( i think thats the deal) So here's what I learned last night
1. Don't drink too much wine
2. Be carefull when using one of those cool Italian gimetal turning peels the first has a sliding hand grip and I wasn't used to it and spun a pizza right off it onto the floor in the heat of battle. I found out this morning it will lock in place down near the peel that's the way ill use it from now on. I can see how if all you did was man a big WFO it would be handy but this is the shorter model and i have a little oven,it works better for me in close combat. My old stick was an 8 inch metal craft little cheapie.
3. Dough was a 3 day cold rise and was perfect except about halfway thru bake I had a pizza that was way to thin in a middle spot and I had a major blowout. I raked the coals back over the mess and let it burn off for a few mins and was all set to go again. Meanwhile it was starting to get pretty dark outside and what I didn't notice was the peel was covered in caked on burnt cheese. So it was rough sailing til I got it cleaned off.
4. Bear in mind I'm also making salad...trying to be part of the party etc. so it gets real hectic. That's the part that I don't like is that to have a really successful party with about 6-12 people I don't really get to eat or have too much fun. It's all good because all the guests just plain rave about the pizza and have a great time. I had intended to take some pics but I just got tunnel vision I will next time cause I had a couple real beauties for sure.
5. Shrimp! I usually make margarettas, mushroom and artichoke hearts and pepperoni( last night I cut a boars head stck into correct thickness for cupping). I wanted to make a couple shrimp and artichoke so I read this blog to get some tips. I took raw shrimp and cut them half sort of a butterly but way deeper cut almost all the way thru. Then I put them in between paper towels for a few hours to leach out a lot of the moisture like you do to sear scallops. So they baked just perfect they turned pink and curled up in the 1 or 2 mins its in the oven. That was a wonderfull pizza and will become a standard around here!
Ok I'm out of gas here and my heads still a little puffy I hope somebody got a good tip from this...kk