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Re: Go to NP dough recipe
« Reply #20 on: June 22, 2013, 06:08:59 PM »
Anyone willing to give a Neapolitan for Dummies detailed basic recipe for a same day Neapolitan dough?

Mark, if you're going to do Neapolitan pizza justice, you should really consider at least 24 hours of fermentation- and, imo, preferably somewhere closer to Craig's 48 hour regime.

I haven't read everyone NP recipe, so if I've overlooked someone, I apologize, but, as far as I've seen, there is no definitive 48 hour IDY NP recipe.

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Re: Go to NP dough recipe
« Reply #21 on: June 24, 2013, 07:49:58 PM »
Omid, thanks very much for answering my questions about your camera and the flour.  Both interesting answers!