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Membership Levels
« on: March 12, 2014, 10:40:20 AM »
Everyone, please read.

I have made some changes to the membership levels on the forum.

First, I have created a new "Vendor" ($50/year) membership level and have designated it as a "professional" membership.

Second, the current "Supporting Member" ($10/year) and "Lifetime Member" ($100) levels have now been defined as "personal" memberships. Prices remain the same.

I'm doing this because it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between an enthusiast and a business here. I recommend that people who profit from the forum help support the forum by becoming a Vendor member. For those vendors who currently have Lifetime Memberships, I will gladly convert them to the new Vendor level, just shoot me a private message.

I want to repeat that this forum is free to everyone, but becoming a member does several things: It shows everyone that you support the site, it gives you a bigger mailbox here, it eliminates the annoying Google Ads, and it allows you to post new topics in the For Sale boards.

The cost of a personal membership is only $10/year... that's about the cost of a single large pizza.  ;)