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Papa Jays Pizza
« on: July 02, 2013, 03:01:04 AM »
Hi I'm Chris and I was born and raised in a pizza parlor. No seriously, my life is the result of a company called Papa Jays Pizza founded in 1970 on Mill avenue in Tempe Arizona by my grandparents Salvatore and Vivian Ferro. Both were first generation Italian-Americans and decendants of roots of Naples and Sicily. My mother Lynda worked the Mill Ave store (first of 7), which is where she met my father John.

That is simply the beginning in my story growing up in one of my families 7 valley restaurants which lead to managing corporate pizza restaurants (more than one), and eventually starting my own catering business (Arizona Event Catering), eventually back to the acquisition of my families small pizza legend of a name which I will build and carry on in the name of my grandfather Salvatore Ferro who we all miss so very much.

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Re: Papa Jays Pizza
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neat story, thanks for sharing. Welcome to the forum.