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I opened a Pizza shop recently about 5 months back. The location is very excellent with lot of parking and many major retailers in the center. Recently a branded burger place just opened next to me and they are doing phenomenal business, but I am struggling. Since there is no pizza in the center my intentions were to just make a killing on pizza only so I did not set up a full kitchen with fryers and grill. Now I realize that I made big mistake. I wanted to have a very simple and straight forward menu with some sides that can be handled with a small table top fryer.  We have branded our own pizza and also have our branded Mediterranean under one roof. On the Mediterranean side we do falfels, & shawarmas, also very simple menu.

I am in Morris county area NJ, looking for an honest pizza person who knows the trade and is experienced in making the pizzas from scratch, because that's how we do it now. To a right individual I am willing to offer a partnership who can manage and run the place efficiently. Currently I am also involved in several franchise operations that takes lot of my time too. I can also take on the expense of putting hood and grill if needed.

This place is located in a very busy strip center and the potential is very huge if a right person walks in and is willing to run and manage it. I can also offer a small salary along with the partnership. I prefer doing everything legally and has to be in black and white. I am looking for a partner who has a clean record and honest.

If anyone out there is interested in discussing further please message me and we can talk further. I don't want to waste anybody's time, I am serious and can move asap if the other party has the necessary credentials. Please message me or put me in touch with someone you know who will be well qualified. Thank you.