Author Topic: Breadstone / four grand mere 800 mobile cart impressions and review  (Read 94 times)

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My Breadstone-built, four grand mere 800 Mobil cart oven arrived today. I'll use this thread to post my impressions as I learn how to use my first wood fired oven. So far, so good. I went with the turnkey option, meaning I let them build it for me. Also went with the raised version, where bread stone adds a couple additional layers of brick to give more height overall as well as a higher door arch. Took about 5 weeks to get. 1600 lbs. Looks fantastic and rolls well on the heavy duty wheels. Just started the curing process. I wanted brick and I like that the refractory brick in the bread stone is over 3 inches thick.  Not much else to pass along yet except for all of the "wows" I'm getting from neighbors stopping by and friends who've seen the pictures.

Once I get through the curing process, I'll start posting bake results and ongoing impressions. I considered forno bravo but although I looked around at lots of different makers, as well, my desire for a delivered ready to go, mobile cart (which meant I didn't have to get any permits from my town to build a cement base), and thick wall oven ultimately landed me here. The owner and others there were (and still are, as I keep asking questions), very helpful and accommodating. Very pleased so far.  More to follow.

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That's a beautiful oven.
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Agree with Craig, that is a nice oven.  Surprised to read that it is on wheels and moves easily at 1,600 pounds -  I have owned cars that didn't weigh much more than that.