Author Topic: Using a pizza stone in a wood-fired pizza oven - a good idea?  (Read 262 times)

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Hi all,

Got an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven here in the UK for about 2 years from here

Main problem is that although the oven itself easily gets to 500c after about 30 mins, the floor of it rarely gets above 350c.

I've tried moving the fire back from the sides to the middle throughout the evening (but that's a pain)
Putting insulation panels underneath the floor - no difference
Changing wood supplier

So I thought that maybe putting in a bog-standard pizza stone to put the fire on/bake on might be the answer.

Any ideas on whether this'll make any difference?

Will it crack if too thin?

Many thanks


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Re: Using a pizza stone in a wood-fired pizza oven - a good idea?
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If you use a cordierite pizza stone, it will not crack, but  It will be tuff to control its temperature. I just launched a pizza stone with a heat diffuser on kickstarter that would be a good solution for your application, unfortunately, it will not be available for international shipping any time soon.

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