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Re: Pizza while camping?
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I'm getting ready to head out in our camper van RV next week and was wondering about this topic. I have a Breville crispy crust table top electric pizza maker and was thinking of taking it along but probably won't. We have always carried a Dutch oven, the kind with the lid you put charcoals on top to bake and short legs to sit on top of charcoals. I have mostly made stews, bread and cobbler desserts with it but see no reason why you couldn't make pizza. So I Googled "Dutch Oven Pizza" and found there is a wealth of information. It seems simple enough to do. I will pre-make my dough balls and keep them frozen until ready to use. You can always buy pizza dough balls in grocery stores when you need them. Making them in the wilderness seems as if it might be more trouble than its worth.

I'm thinking to preheat the Dutch oven, drop the stretched pizza dough in, dress it and put the lid on with charcoals. I have no idea how fast it would bake but I am guessing pretty fast.

Here is my Dutch oven in use with the charcoals on top and bottom.
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