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New York to Taipei
« on: Yesterday at 02:18:33 PM »
So I opened a NY style slice spot in Taiwan about 3 years ago. Things have been going well and this forum helped me out in the early goings, but I sort of went a stray once I got going. A lot of that was because most of what I do is improvised, there is no king Arthur flour in tw.  Now I have built this janky monstrosity and I'm running into problems that I can no longer MacGyver my way out of.  So now I turn to you, The hive of collective pizza knowledge, to help me find the way.

1. We just changed from a planetary mixer to a spiral mixer and now my dough is much different. It doesent seem to mix as consistently as the planetary mixer did.  Is there a different process for mixing in a spiral mixer.

2. I have been getting into the poolish game, but I'm not sure if it is appropriate for my set up.  If I am mixing a batch with 44kg of flour how big of a poolish do I need to make and how much time prior to mixing do I need to make it?

3. All you guys talking about launching your pizzas straight off the peel! You guys crazy! I make 22" pizzas and to me that seems like a nightmare waiting to take a dump on your tiles during the Saturday rush. We use baking paper to prep the pizzas on and then pop it all in to the oven.  Could the baking make a very big difference?

I have loads more questions, but three seems like a good start.

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Re: New York to Taipei
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How long were you mixing in the planetary? Does the spiral have a breaker bar? Spirals usually develop the dough faster.

Poolish is usually 33% of the flour (could go up to 50%), with equal water  by weight, and enough yeast to fully ferment in 12-16 hours (it starts to sink in the middle). Check Craig's time/temp chart for yeast to find the amount for your ambient temperature.

If prep-on-parchment works for you, no problem! How hot do you bake? Do you pull the paper partway through the bake?

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Re: New York to Taipei
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  Alex...welcome back to the fold....please don't go astray again.  :chef:
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