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« on: August 01, 2013, 05:07:24 PM »
Hmmm , about me .
I don't know what to say.
Loving pizza won't really make me stand out here.

I've been making it... , pizza that is , for about 25 years.
I'm no pro and my pizza has only been really good for the last couple of years , thanks to places like here.
I bought a Nemco pizza oven 3 years ago and it makes a big difference to my pie with the 700 degree temperature.

Today I went to bulk-barn and bought some gluten flour (72% protein) for the first time.
I am attempting to modify my dough .

I still wish I could get that flavor I tasted in 1973.
The kind of pie  , that each bite invites you to take another.

I can't give blood because it is 85% sauce.
I sometimes bite my nails because there is mozzarella stuck underneath.
Don't even get me started on my sausage !  :o

Later All

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Re: Hi
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Love the name "SpaceFuzz"

~ Ron

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