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« on: September 16, 2015, 07:09:10 AM »

I don't know if the Pizze book was posted about on the forum before.  I saw it on facebook.  This is what it said translated from Italian.

In October will be pizzas. Perhaps the most beautiful book on pizza ever written before at global level. Honored Saku Tuominen Tuukka Koski Kimmo Kivilahti

Written by pergiorgio giorilli and Elena Lipetskaia, the first already known "Master panificatore", The second "food tecnologa".

The book is written between the best of its kind, clear in the explanations and with lots of important information.

The book puts the focus on the bread, on the dough, on raw materials and the recipes of special parties, but it is really a bible... Essential to understand the reactions that take place in the dough, irrespective of whether it is bread or pizza.