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I'm trying to sort through my empirical results using Caputo 00 "Chef's Choice" flour and match these up with what I've read about the starch, protein and gluten properties of this flour.  Until this point, I have been primarily baking my pies with KAAP flour.  Now that I have my LBE reasonably dialed in, I can cook in the 750F+ range and want to evaluate the qualities of this classic neo flour.  My goal is to achieve 90 sec. bakes and tender well browned pies in the 'nearlypolitan' style.

My test bakes have so far used 100% KAAP and 70/30 00/KAAP.  The two flours were treated identically in regards to autolyse, gluten development and fermentation times and temperatures.  The resulting dough balls were different in the following respects (questions in parenthesis are my current thinking and questions regarding results):

1. 00/KAAP mixture was slightly tackier, both at the outset and when dough balls were opened- (less water absorption due to more complete / less damaged starch in 00 flour?)

2. 00/KAAP mixture had more gluten development than 100% KAAP, dough ball a little more elastic as a result but still opened nicely, just required a bit more stretching to get it to the same skin size as the 100% KAAP - (higher relative protein content of 00 flour?)

3. 00/KAAP mixture baked up with a slightly more tender crumb (faster bake time? More complete bake-off of dough water? Not really sure why this happened)

4. 00/KAAP mixture browning more 'leopard spot' type, KAAP darker overall (lower overall enzyme activity in the hydrated 00 mixture- browning more localized to starches hydrolized by yeast activity during fermentation?)

Pics of results and bake times here:

00/KAAP (100% KAAP a few posts up):,4753.msg273784.html#msg273784

Most of this conjecture is based on the discussion of wet gluten mass in this thread:,18075.65.html

KABF (King Arthur Bread Flour): 2.68 ounces, or 75.978 grams (12.7 +/- 0.2% protein)
Caputo 00 Pizzeria: 2.54 ounces, or 72.12 grams (11.5-12.5% protein)
KAAP (King Arthur All-Purpose): 2.297 ounces, or 65.11995 grams (11.7 +/- 0.2% protein)

And based on discussion of Caputo / HG blends in this thread:,17555.0.html

I'm pretty happy with the initial results of mixing these two flours, but I'm not clear on where to go from here.
For example, keeping oven and fermentation conditions the same, how are my results likely to be changed by going with 100% caputo flour?  By exchanging KAAP for a HG flour like All Trumps?

Based on the wet gluten mass data, the addition of KAAP probably lowered the overall gluten development of the dough, which fits with my experimental observations.  I do not think I would want any more gluten development than I had, as it might negatively alter the dough extensibility.  To me this indicates that if I move to 100% caputo I need to alter my workflow (cut down on stretch and folds) to keep from overdeveloping gluten.  I don't think I would want to up hydration, as the dough mass was pretty tacky at 65%. OTOH, if I up the hydration, I might be able to mitigate bottom browning a bit and raise the oven temp to 800F to hit the 90 sec. bake.

Similarly, adding a high protein flour would probably also result in more gluten development.  I'm actually surprised by the amount of gluten development in these minimally worked doughs.  I only hand-mix and then perform 4-5 stretch and folds before balling the dough.  My results suggest to me that I've either hit the sweet spot (by copying other's mixture ratios) or I should try cutting the 00 down further to increase browning (if that is desirable, I dunno right now).

The other possibilites here are altering both the flour ratios / workflow and the oven temps - I could get the oven hotter, but  I think it will result in over cooking the pizza bottom, which is already browning well.  The cook times for the 00/KAAP blended pies are 100 seconds (white pie) and 120 seconds (sauced pie) so I just need a few small tweaks to get the pies down to a 90 sec. bake.

More or less using this post to think out loud, but I would love any feedback or suggestions based on other's experience with 700-800f bakes and caputo 00 flour.
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