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Whats up :-) Midwest Here.
« on: August 27, 2013, 11:33:17 AM »
Hey all,
                                                                 Ryan here. I was going through storage and got really sad when I saw my big stone ovens...perfect stones...just covered and useless :'(
I have been thinking, should I try this again? I have been in kitchens (mainly pizza) all my life and love it.I have a niche for pizza you could say. I have previously owned 2 businesses. First being a pizza place. My parents and I opened it up and didn't have any time to give anything a trial run. I was living and working 3 hours away from them/it and could only make it down 2 days a week on my days off. My parents didn't have the first idea about pizza making. I had never made dough myself but had to learn fast. It wasn't near my vision of my "perfect crust". Had to stick with it and had to teach my parents (being new to it myself) how to make dough in a weekend. They could not keep up the amount of work it took to run it by themselves and we had to pull the plug 10 months later.... Time has passed and now I live down here and am convincing myself to really do it this time and do it right. This is a small town. 2 fast food places, a Mexican restaurant, one poor quality pizza place and a chicken joint. Everything else is 45 minutes away. Perfect for what I want, To bring great food and have it be a much more personal experience...   Any thoughts? :-)