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Re: Craig's Johnny's Clone
« Reply #80 on: November 17, 2014, 05:12:27 PM »
It sounds like you need to get a bigger oven.  It's not NY unless it's at least 18". :)

I'll let you explain it to my wife.  ;D
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Re: Craig's Johnny's Clone
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Start convincing now.  By the time you are done I'll have the coal oven design all dialed in and then you can out one in right next to the Acunto.  What's a wood oven without a coal oven friend?

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Re: Craig's Johnny's Clone
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You don't have to convince me. I have room for a coal oven and a deck oven in the Garage.
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Re: Craig's Johnny's Clone
« Reply #83 on: December 17, 2014, 02:05:00 PM »
This is my first pass at a Johnny’s clone. Having never tasted the real thing makes cloning somewhat nebulous, notwithstanding, I’m very pleased how it came out. Thanks to Mmmph and pdog for getting this ball rolling. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time and have kept putting off. Thanks also to scott123 for some valuable insight provided offline.

The formula is basically Mmmph’s with a bit more salt and oil:

Total Formula
100% KABP
60% RO water
2.5% salt
2% oil
0.057% IDY

I only made one ball – I was mostly curious about how it would handle. I mixed and kneaded it by hand.

100g flour
100g water
2.2 grains IDY (1 grain = 1/7000lb – measured with a reloading scale)

The preferment was left covered at RT (75F) for 12 hours.

Added to the preferment:
148g flour
49g water
6g salt
5g vegetable oil

Total formula:
248g flour
149g water  (60%)
6g salt (2.4%)
5g oil (2.0%)
0.143g IDY (.0576%)

This yielded about 400g dough after bowl residue.  I cut it down to 375g. I thought I would make a 15” pie with TF = 0.075. I didn’t measure my stone first, and it’s only 14.5”, so the pie actually came in at TF=0.080. Next time, I will probably try 350g for a true TF=0.075. I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up at 330g (TF=0.70).

I gave the final dough a two hour rest in the fridge (it was only going to be 20 minutes, but I fell asleep) and then one set of stretch and folds. It looked very nice, so I balled it and put it in the fridge (because I misread Mmmph’s post where he said he put it in his wine cooler at 64F). I left it in the fridge for 36 hours. This morning, I took it out and left it on the counter (75F) for about 6 hours and it was perfect. Another 6 hours in the fridge would not have hurt anything, so this is probably how I will do it in the future for an evening bake.

I rolled the dough out to 15”. The dough handled beautifully. It didn’t resist at all. I picked it up and stretched it out to about 16” by hand and then laid it out on my peel (15”) and helped it shrink back to 15”.

I topped it with very thinly sliced Boar’s Head WM aged mozz, I didn’t use any shreds (didn’t have any). I will use a bit more cheese next time. I didn’t use any white cheddar. I might try a tiny amount in the future. The mozz we have here just doesn’t have much flavor. 

After the cheese, I spooned on an even coat (across the entire surface of cheese) of a very thin sauce I made with Pomi tomato sauce (the Pomi sauce is tomato only. It does not have any other ingredients like most tomato sauces), a small pinch of oregano, salt to taste, and evoo. I didn’t measure anything. I will use a bit less evoo next time – just enough to get it to the point where if you added any more it would separate noticeably. I can get away with using a lot more evoo in the sauce I use for “NP” cheese pies in the WFO. This sauce requires a bit more finesse. The flavor of the sauce was really good. I’d use the Pomi sauce for this again. After the sauce, I put down some freshly cracked black pepper and a light sprinkling of grated pecorino romano.

I baked the pie at 550F w/convection on a 1/2” cordierite stone that was preheated for over an hour. I didn’t time the bake, but it was probably in the ballpark of 7 minutes. The pie was not quite as browned/charred on the bottom as I would have like, but it wasn’t disappointing light either.

Overall, the pie was really good. There was lots of flavor in the crust (for baker’s yeast); it was nicely crispy but not tough. I will be making more of these.

Below: a Johnny’s pie (from the internet - on the left and mine on the right:

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