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Greetings from Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia
« on: September 01, 2013, 06:46:29 PM »
Hello fellow pizza fans. 

I am somewhat new to pizza making and I built a Pompeii style woodfired oven from scratch and have been using it for 2 months.  The dome  is made with firebricks and the insulating material is really the only concession to modern ways and it cooks the best food.

It is just the best thing I have ever made and I use it for a lot of my cooking.  I am learning about making and managing dough and pizza making as I go along.  So far it has been a tasty trip and I am hoping that with the help of this forum and you good folk that the experience will just keep getting better.

I am also interested in bread making but happy to learn one thing at a time.

I live in Bundaberg which is near the tropic of Capricorn and near the coast.  Bundaberg is primarily about sugar, smallcrops and the famous Bundaberg Rum.  The fishing and crabbing are quite good around the coast as well.   The weather here is quite temporate/sub tropical and typically winter minimums seldom get below 5 deg C and summer maximum temps in the low to mid 30's C.  Daytime winter temps are usually in mid 20's C. Quite pleasant really and today being the second day of Spring makes it my favourite time of year (closely followed by Autumn).   With this kind of weather the back patio complete with WFO, Webber and wok burners get use plenty of use.

Enough rambling, I am keen to tour the forum and drink from your well of wisdom about all things Pizza!   :)

Cheers ............... Steve  :)
Cheers  ............  Steve :)