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G'day all! Im brad from Australia. Are there many aussie here? let see as a child I hated pizza, never wanted to eat it or even try it. One lucky day a ray of sunshine came through the clouds and Pizza hut was doing a promotion on a cartoon show and had named a pizza after it. Guess who finally had there first taste at pizza. I believe it was a ham and pineapple pizza in fact. fast forward ten years and I got my first job at a pizza restaurant. It was a private owned restaurant in a country town in Victoria, Australia. We did take -aways, deliverys and most importantly we did an all you can eat restaurant.

To say I like pizza is an understatement. Every town I visit I must try there pizza. I think i am fair with my judgement on pizza also. Just because i only paid $5 doesn't mean I hold it to the same standard as a $20.

Please excuse any/all typing grammer mistakes... all this pizza has created fat fingers ;)