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How many employees per shift?
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My wife and I are getting close to opening. I just wanted to find out how many employees some of you have. We are only delivery and carry-out and plan to start out with 5-6 in kitchen and 3-4 drivers on Friday and Saturday nights. Can you share with me how many you employ each shift all week long? Thanks and I look forward to reading your responses!


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Re: How many employees per shift?
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How many or how many that actually show up  :-D
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Re: How many employees per shift?
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For delivery and carry out that sounds like a lot to me. What do your local customer demograghics indicate, what do other businesses similar to yours employ in your area?? Lots of questions here! 2 people in a kitchen and a couple drivers can accomplish a BUTTLOAD of work, with as many as you're talking you could supply a lot more than you think. 5-6 people would be a HUGE kitchen staff, even 3 would be a lot and still allow you 3servers at a sitdown place. Many places don't even open Mon and sometimes Tues as they are slow and use those for inventory, stocking, payroll, billing etc. Also are you and your wife working the line or paying others to do it? One of the biggest weak spots of new start ups are not being there full time to help creat a solid base, control, run it from the inside not from a distance. Lots of questions here that I hope you did your homework on, these are just a few off the top of my head, I could go on but've been out of the restaurant game for 30+ years or so. Keep a tight grip and steer your own ship, they sink quick leaving it to others. Not trying to be pessimistic, wish you all the luck in the world!!!
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Re: How many employees per shift?
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You and your wife, one employee and a driver, the employee can deliver if needed.  You and your wife can make a lot of pizza if needed. It is no fun just to work and make payroll.  I do not know much about delivery, I live in the south end of a valley that has only 35,000 people and is 100 miles long and 40 wide. Get another family member to be on call if needed. I would start small.