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PizzaHacker in SF at Mission & 29th
« on: February 02, 2014, 04:00:41 PM »
PizzaHacker has a new restaurant in SF's Mission District named guess what? ….. PizzaHacker.

You might remember PizzaHacker, AKA Jeff Krupman, from the earlier forum posts or from many youtube videos showcasing his highly-modified Weber Grill, “Frankenweber” – kind of a wood-fired LBE, but with a custom lid made from a lightweight mix of perlite/concrete.  Here is a video of his inferno:

I met Jeff about a year ago when he was making pizza at Vinyl near Alamo Square.  Nice guy, smart, engaging, and makes good pizza.  We probably talked for ½ hour or so.  Since then, my daughter, who lives in the area, within walking distance of a dozen pizzerias, has been going there regularly.  Now Jeff started his own restaurant at Mission & 29th, (Bernal Heights).

PizzaHacker, the restaurant, has been open for only two weeks.  We went for the first time Friday night and the place was full, every seat was taken, well all but the best seats – bar stools around the oven.  I love those spots.  Pies were flying by, we sampled three, and I snapped a couple of pictures below.

I'm pretty sure my ancestors were carnivores so I have a inherited a preference for anything meatlovers.   My daughter likes the arugula with a raw egg on top.  (Switched at birth or dropped on her head - you decide)  Mine was tasty, no comment on that other thing.

I would expect that this new restaurant will do well as Jeff already earned loyal fans on yelp, high praise from “10 Best Pizzas in San Francisco” article, and lots of experience from many years as a street vendor (since 1994).

PizzaHacker's web site is  Professional pictures of his new restaurant: