Author Topic: My first Crisco pizza / Weekend pizzas  (Read 1737 times)

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My first Crisco pizza / Weekend pizzas
« on: February 27, 2006, 10:44:19 AM »
Hi guys  ;D

Hope everyone had a great weekend !

I made pizza dough for my pizzas on Friday night, and made one pizza Friday night
and the next night made another pizza with the 2nd piece of dough from the same recipe.

Saturday night's dough was much better than Friday night's, I guess because the dough was able
to really ferment, and condition.

Anyway you can see all of the images from Saturday night's Crisco pizza dough here:

If you want to see the dough actually being made, and the amount of Crisco I used, and lots of
beer images, you can look at these images here:

I used way too much Crisco, and next time I make it, I will reduce the crisco by 50% at least.  I am
however pretty impressed with the dough from the 2nd night ( after the 24 hour ferment time ), I can really
see a difference in texture, and the dough is more like pizza places around here, but I can see that I used
way too much.... anyway I will experiment, and experiment until I find something I am happy with, and
experimenting is fun when you get to eat what you make  :P

Oh I also found an old recipe for onion rings, which I used to use years ago, well I whipped it up, and did
that also on Saturday night, and wow, they were amazing !

Going a little OT (Off Topic ) for a moment, I did bread last week, and made some really nice mini loaves,
anyway I made some nice looking "mini grilled cheese" or "sliders" as Aaron called them ( great name Aaron ! )
see those images here:

Lastly, I made some dinner rolls last night, and wow, all I can say is... they are amazing ! ...
6 cups of flour went into the recipe, and there is a whopping 1/2 cup of oil, and 1/2 cup of sugar in them,
so you can see why they were so good.... anyway I had so much dough that I made a test loaf of bread also
last night and it's really good ( I had some for breakfast )

anyway see those images of the buns here :
- these are the best bread buns ( homemade) that I've ever tasted... I'm super impressed.

I am thinking I'm going to make a test pizza very soon with this recipe, just to see what would happen in the
oven with that kind of dough ( I'll make a smaller pizza for this test )

see pix of the rolls, and the bread here:

Here below are just a few images of the Crisco pizza made on Saturday night:
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