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Different Recipe
« on: September 26, 2013, 07:54:14 PM »
In Panama most places do not overnight cool ferment their dough. They mix in the morning and use by evening but may park in the cooler if it is getting to active. on weekend they may make a second batch in the early afternoon. Most is tasteless dough.

I went to a pizzeria  with one of my Panamanian friends. Pizza was good. Good dough flavor. They must cold ferment.

We asked the cook and answer no! umm.
Then I seen many large plastic containers of Adobo seasoning  and powered garlic setting next to his mixing station
After reading the ingredients. salt, sugar, garlic, pepper and spices. I decide to try
Recipe for 14" pizza.
100%  10 oz Panamanian flour
58%    5.8 oz  water
3%  adobo
1%  garlic power
.8 % IDY
Mixed dough in the morning  set on the counter at 80f for the hour. then to the cooler till 4pm than cooked at 5.
The flavor was settle and good. Lot more cooking with this recipe.
You may want to try?