Author Topic: BACIO IS THE CHEESE OF THE NEW MILLENIUM  (Read 12417 times)

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« Reply #80 on: May 30, 2014, 05:51:14 PM »
I have tried it a number of times to give it the "benefit of the doubt" thinking maybe the first batch was a bad batch, or it was improperly handled.   I even got it directly from PFG so there was no middleman to leave it sitting out for a day by accident.

I was not that impressed.  The flavor was ok, but I have had better.  It didn't taste like there was any buffala in there to me, so I think the percentage of cows milk must be quite high.   Also, this cheese doesn't have a great resistance to burning (like bufala), so I was forced to run my oven at 625 which is lower than I typically want to.   That messed up the crust consistency I was going for.   Aged cheeses like Poly-0, grande, and a number of "budget" cheeses I have tried do a much better job of resisting burning. 

If I was a typical pizzeria making 550 degree pies, this would be a contender for sure... but the end all be all cheese it is not, especially considering that its the most expensive aged cheese I have ever purchased.     

Interestingly it is the pizza cheese used at Gillette Stadium, so you can taste it there.         

PFG must be getting a larger percentage of sales of BACIO, cause their sales staff PUUUUUUUSHES it like crazy....and believe me, their sales staffs food knowledge is probably on par with the general public.  The buffalo part is a joke....not ONE pro I gave it to could taste buffalo, it doesn't melt as well as Calabro...flavor is OK, nothing great......I don't get it.....but it is the darling right now.

I even like the king of cheeses better than BACIO.