Author Topic: Uh...... why is it shaped like that? Buddys pizza question? Not sure...  (Read 54 times)

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Soo.... I work at a terrible pizza shop here in Brighton, MI called "Soda Pop Jrs" (seriously. I'm SHOCKED the health department hasn't closed us down, and the food is awful.)... and the owner just made a rare good decisions and switched up our cheese supplier. We WERE using the regular low fat mozz from GFS... but, he surprised us and dropped by with 5 boxes of a new Mozz/Provolone blend. However, there was no branding on the boxes he provided. Now, from seeing Buddys raw cheese, all I can say about this stuff is that it's shapped the same way, and melts the same way, and tastes VERY damn close (I do NOT have a refined pallet for cheese i'll admit.). The shape was the biggest similiarity. It wasn't shredded or cut... it looked like a bunch of soft tic-tacs in a bag. Anyways.... this junk melted GREAT, tasted AWESOME, and best of all, whatever kind of cheese it was... it stuck to the crust WAY better than standard cheese (I've used a lot...)... even with extra sauce. Any ideas what this wonder cheese is or where to get it?
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