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Re: Tom Lehmann's NY Style Pizza
« Reply #1100 on: November 15, 2014, 09:43:34 AM »
Alright sorry for a late update, had quite a busy week.

The dough I'd made right after I posted I messed up, so I ended up throwing it out. I'll still consider that attempt #2 though. I did attempt #3  yesterday/today (dough made yesterday morning, cooked pizza this morning) and I think there's signs of improvement for sure.

Dough was a lot more extensible and thinner which is what I was going for, rather than (as you can see in previous picture) much smaller, thicker and more bubbles. I didn't manage to get a perfect circle, and I can't toss the dough up in the air or anything but I was just really happy I got the dough as large in diameter as I did.

I only used cheese, no pepperoni since I feel as though my pepperoni last time didn't taste so great, looking for a good place around here to buy some good pepperoni. As for critique on the actual taste of the pizza, my sauce was a little too strong but I was following a basic recipe since I only had/have access to tomato paste. I've been looking around for 6 in 1 or San Marzano tomatoes but the closest I can find is Unico "San Marzano TYPE tomatoes", and I'm not even sure what the quality of those would be.

Aside from the sauce issue, cheese was surprisingly good but perhaps I put a tad too much on given how thin the pizza was. Overall I think with a bit more practice, making some better sauce and a few adjustments I think I'll be able to make some good pizza soon! I'll attach a picture, I took a few from different angles but none of them show too much how thin I was able to get it in comparison to my last REALLY thick pizza. If anyone has any advice, comments or anything I'll take any advice I can get!