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Re: San Francisco, Seattle, Portland
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Was in Oregon last week and managed to get out for pizza twice.  While in Portland, I revisited Lovely's 50/50 and had another stellar meal.  Three of us shared two salads and two pizzas, a basic Margherita and one that was lacinato kale with calabrian chilies, provolone picante, lemon & ricotta.  The Margherita was very good but was overshadowed by the kale pizza, which was really great.  I still find the pizzas at Lovely's to be the best I've had in any restaurant to date.  Not quite a traditional Neapolitan, but just enough different (puffier, moister crust, imaginative toppings) to be perfect to me.   I thought the oven was running in the 800's the night I was there, and that agrees with my last visit.  They have a Mugnaini oven which they fire unconventionally, with flame in the back, and the pizzaiolo spends a ton of time managing the oven, more than I've seen elsewhere.  The pizzas are made and loaded by someone else, and the guy on the oven spends his whole time babying the flames and turning and removing pizzas.  A lot of work, but great results, better than I ever would have dreamed could come out of that oven.  To get that quality of pizza out of a Mugnaini is a true labor of love  ;D

While in Corvallis, I visited FireWorks, which offers wood fired pizza.  Not my kind of pizza, but they seem to be doing okay.  They said on the menu that they run the oven at 900F; when I looked at it on our way in, I would have been shocked if it was over 700 and I suspect it was actually running in the low 600's.  The pizzas were very thin cracker crust, with a fair quantity of toppings, and were clearly cooked at a relatively low temp for several minutes.  The toppings were imaginative but did not shine - I had one that had slices of fresh pear and apple, goat cheese, sliced almonds, mozzarella and onion.  I found it okay but dry and the toppings were undercooked, probably because that thin crust cooks way faster than the heavy toppings, even in a 600F oven.   The rest of the menu was basically bar food, mostly deep fried or burger-type stuff.