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New Member- Doug
« on: October 24, 2013, 12:36:13 AM »
Hi Everyone,

My name is Doug and I live in Phoenix Arizona (Valley of the Sun). I came to appreciate hand-crafted pizza making after getting started with home Barbecue. I am rather new to making pizzas on my smokers/barbecues/grills ala the LBE.

I like several styles of crusts but may be focusing on a thinner cracker style crust with minimalist toppings. I have been to Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix and love the pies. Scottsdale also has a coal-fired pizzeria called Grimaldis serving hand-tossed pies. Awesome.

I have several stones (mostly ceramic) but am most intrigued by a 15" HEAVY corderite "Pizza Gourmet" stone I recently picked up at a local Goodwill store. It looks unused, and I have yet to try it out.

I am looking forward to learning from this fabulous group.

Make it a great day.